Maintenance & Repair Services

Coastal Home-Away’s technicians offer unbeatable services for property managers, homeowners and guests in terms of preventative maintenance and making time-sensitive repairs. We also offer 24 hr. customer service for guests staying in the properties we maintain! For those utilizing our “AAA-style” maintenance package services provided to guests are often covered by the $59 monthly plan*.

There is no better feeling than to walk away leaving a guest happy after helping them resolve an issue with their rental property. We often have everything needed to resolve issues on the spot! For anyone who wishes to utilize repair services on an “as needed” basis we are happy to help as well!

Owner Payment (Maintenance Services)

How our monthly maintenance plan works:

Guests contact us because they are given direct access via QR code, telephone, email, etc. When services are needed (by guests) our technician(s) access a property’s profile to best advise and/or troubleshoot to correct problems. If the problem is an emergency, Coastal Home-Away Techs will communicate with the owner or act based on owners preferences to resolve the issue. All calls made by guests during business hours will be scheduled and handled as soon as possible. Calls that are non-emergency are scheduled for the next business day or based on the particular owner’s preferences.

We also offer a variety of services that can be used during the off-season to help maintain the property such as package pickup/delivery/set-up, service calls by other companies (open/lock-up services), monthly walkthroughs, mail collection/forwarding, storm assessments and preparations, video inventory or other chores that help keep the property in good condition.


*$59/Monthly plan relates to service calls made by guests to be performed within business hours and pertains to calls under 30 minutes. There is no limit to calls unless the request to repair or replace is denied by the owner. After-hours emergencies are billed at $40/hr. If possible all calls made after business hours (that are non-emergency) are scheduled for the following business day. Should replacement of any items be necessary (coffee maker, garbage disposal, faucet, towel bar, batteries, bulbs, etc.), Coastal Home-Away will abide by parameters and expectations previously set by each owner.


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