Home-Away Services - Coastal Home-Away technicians and inspectors help owners maintain properties that are used for holidays, summer months and/or special occasions. Even though a home is not often used there are certain things that must be done to ensure that things will continue to perform as they should. Some of the most common issues we find involve air conditioning problems, pest control or rodent entry, storm damages, affects from power outages, moisture control, empty plumbing allowing gas to seep and appliance failure. Also, burglary to vacant houses, pool-hopping, vandalism or theft is not uncommon. This is especially widespread for homes with “vacation rental” signage. Home-Away Services not only include inspections but also preventative maintenance to keep all systems up and running!

Maintenance Management - We help non-local homeowners by scheduling and meeting technicians and other service providers at the home so they can perform their routine services. When doing so, we think of each home as our own so we want to make sure all issues are addressed as best possible. Meeting technicians at any property will allow us to also monitor their findings as well as provide insight to the owner should further repair or replacement be necessary. It is our job to make sure owners fully understand their options and as we work for them our best interest is making sure the owners best interests are adhered to. Also, as our island is affected by storms each year, power outages & surges, flooding, roof damage and foliage debris are all common and special attention may be needed during these crucial periods. We can help facilitate all needed services as a personal home manager on the owner’s behalf to help resolve all issues.

Our Home-Away Services and Maintenance Management allow homeowners peace of mind knowing their home is being checked regularly and that our staff has knowledge of what to do when an emergency occurs. During routine visitations, we provide feedback to owners as well as photos of each concern so that the owner can see what we see. We also offer the option to have a custom checklists created for each owner so that they can add items or have us provide pricing estimate based on frequency of visits, special attention items and time at the home.


Home-Away & Maintenance Management Services


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